About Japanga.com

Japanga.com is the personal not-for-profit project of Simon Clegg. It is completely free and unaffiliated with any business.

Please use it at your leisure. You will not be pestered with adverts or spam. I do this for fun and nothing else - enjoy!

Simon Lived in Japan for 7 years between 1998 and 2015 working variously as an English Teacher and language curriculum consultant for Local Education Authorities, Spanish Teacher and Spanish Translator/Interpreter for the Ministry of Justice in Tochigi Prefecture.

The objective of Japanga.com is to provide a free and fun way to learn more about Japanese culture and language. The focus of Japanga.com development will be to enhance the functionality to provide users with more sophisticated and useful tools to help you develop your knowledge of the Japanese language.

Simon now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.