Aki Misato

Aki Misato (美郷 あき, Misato Aki, born September 2, 1981) is a female Japanese J-pop singer from Saitama, Japan. Most of her songs are theme songs for anime and video games. She made her debut in 2004 with her first single Kimi ga Sora Datta (君が空だった), which was featured as the ending theme of the anime Mai-HiME. To data she has released sixteen singles, and in addition has been featured in several compilation albums.

She's currently under both SOLID VOX and Lantis recording labels.




Sleeve Title Year Format
美郷あき* - Sincerely 2006 CD, Album
Aki Misato - Blood Queen 2007 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - Spread Wings 2011 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - シアワセは月より高く 2010 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - 少女迷路でつかまえて 2006 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - Silent Wing 2005 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - Here I Am 2008 CD, Album
美郷あき* - ふたりが忘れない 2005 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - Life And Proud 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - From Now On 2010 CD, Album
美郷あき* - くちびる白昼夢 2006 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - 最後の旅 2011 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - 明日をとめないで 2006 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - もう愛しかいらない 2007 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - Jewelry Tears 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - Scarlet Bomb! 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - Disarm Dreamer 2007 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - Good Lovin' 2013 CD, Album
美郷あき* - 君が空だった 2004 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - Sad Rain 2008 CD, Maxi-Single
Aki Misato - Made In Wonder 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - Feel It 2007 CD, Album
美郷あき* - 僕らの自由 2010 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - What A Beautiful World 2010 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* - Wild Succession 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
瀬名* / 美郷あき* - Double Eyes / All Allow 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
美郷あき* / 遠藤正明* - 最後のエデン/星海を往く希望の歌 2010 CD, Single
美郷あき*, 橋本みゆき*, 栗林みな実* - 主題歌集 2006 CD, Maxi-Single
Masami Okui, Minami Kuribayashi, Minori Chihara, Aki Misato, Masaaki Endo, Yoko Ishida, Suara, Tomoe Ohmi, Haruko Momoi, Hironobu Kageyama, Chihiro Yonekura - A Tribute to Masami Okui~Buddy~ 2008 CD, Album

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