Balzac (typeset as BALZAC) is a Japanese punk band formed in 1992 in Kyoto. The band was founded by singer and songwriter Hirosuke Nishiyama, who has remained the only constant member of the band since its creation. Since the beginning, Balzac was highly influenced by the sound and image of the famous horror punk band The Misfits and, especially during the very early years, Glenn Danzig's Samhain, adopting and combining the musical and visual style of both bands to create their own. The band often stays away from the "campy" horror lyrics and image found in most horror punk bands, as the lyrics by Hirosuke tend to be more like dark poetry and, though not always serious, deal with themes of darkness, loneliness and fear.

The band has gained a certain amount of recognition and exposure outside of their native country, where they are well known. Currently they have five official clothing brands (Shocker!!!, Dementia 13, Culture, XXXxxx and Balzac) with one store in Japan, plus three online stores (Shocker Webstore, Shocker World Wide and Shocker EU). They also have their own official record label called Evilegend 13 Records on which they have released EPs, singles and videos. Balzac is also well known for its toy releases, some created by the companies T.W.I.M. and Secret Base, and its extensive discography and side-projects.

The current lineup of the band consists of Hirosuke Nishiyama (vocals), Atsushi Nakagawa (guitar/chorus), Akio Imai (bass/chorus) and Takayuki Manabe (drums/digital effects/chorus). Musically the band has drawn from punk, pop, industrial and noise, across their various releases.




Sleeve Title Year Format
Balzac = バルザック* - The Last Men On Earth = 地球最後の男達 2015 Vinyl, LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Remastered
Balzac-Balzac - Balzac ‎– Lord Of The Light And Of The Darkness 1993 Vinyl, 7"
バルザック* - When The Fiendish Ghouls Night 1996 Vinyl, 7", Single Sided, Single, 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered
Balzac - TWIM-Age Vampire 20020517 Live At Bottom Line 2002 VHS
Balzac - Unvarnished Facts 2001 CD, Maxi-Single, Limited Edition
Balzac - Deep 2009 Vinyl, 7"
Balzac - The Human Blood 2012 2012 CDr, Single
Balzac - Isolation From No. 13 2011 CDr, Single
Balzac - Judgement Day Deutschland Tour 2011 2011 DVDr
Balzac - 10th Anniversary Of Beware Of Darkness 2013 CDr, Single, CDr, Compilation, DVDr
Balzac - Horrorock / Rain 2005 CDr, Single, Promo
Balzac - Descent Of The Diabolos 1993 Cassette, EP
Balzac - Isolation From No.13 2016 2016 Lathe Cut, 7", EP, Limited Edition
Balzac - Black Sunday 2016 Lathe Cut, 7", Single Sided, Single, Limited Edition
Balzac - German "Hatred" Tour 2008 Complete 7 Evilives 2009 DVDr
Balzac - Beware Of Darkness 2003 DVD
Balzac - When The Fiendish Ghouls Night 2014 CDr, Compilation
Balzac - Into The Light Of The 13 Dark Night Official Bootleg 2006 CDr, Single
Balzac - Gyakko 2015 Lathe Cut, 7", Single, Limited Edition
Balzac - Zetsubou-No Ano Basho-E 2005 Lathe Cut, 7", 45 RPM, Limited Edition
Balzac - 199666 2015 CDr, Single, Limited Edition
Balzac - Second Season Of The Dead #06: Live At K4, Nurnberg 20040630 2010 DVDr
Balzac - Black Sunday Zero 2015 CDr, Single, Limited Edition
Balzac - Isolation From No. 13 20120526 Bootleg 2012 CDr, Single
Balzac - Swallow The Dark 2007 CD, Single
Balzac - Deep 2009 Cassette, EP
Balzac - One Night In Hell (LP Mix) 2009 CDr, EP
Balzac - Evil Never Dies 2018 CDr, Single, Limited Edition
Balzac (4) - Balzac (Demo) 1992 Cassette, Single Sided, EP
Balzac - The Unofficial Best Works Of Balzac #4 Takayuki's Personal Selection 2017 CDr, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition
Balzac - Judgement Day 2010 CD, Album, DVD, Box Set
Balzac - 13 Hits From Darkism 2006 CD, Album, Limited Edition
Balzac - Deep Teenagers From Outer Space 1997 Vinyl, LP, Album
Balzac - Deep Blue: Chaos From Darkism 2007 CD, Album
Balzac - 全能ナル無数ノ眼ハ死ヲ指サス 2007 CD, Album, Remastered
Balzac - Beware Of Darkness (w/Wind-Up Toy) 2003 CD, Maxi-Single
Balzac - Lord Of The Light And Of The Darkness 2012 Lathe Cut, 7", Picture Disc
Balzac - Atom Age Vampire In 308 2012 Lathe Cut, Picture Disc, 7"
Balzac - Atom-Age Vampire In 308 1995 Vinyl, 7"
Balzac - Deep Blue: Chaos From Darkism II 2006 CD, Album, Box Set
Balzac - Black 2011 Lathe Cut, 7", Picture Disc
Balzac - Psycho In 308 2013 CDr, EP
Balzac - Pray: The Complete Session 2008 CDr, Compilation, DVDr
Balzac - Hybrid Black - Monochrome c/w Sin Blood 2019 Box Set, Single, Limited Edition, Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single, Limited Edition, Cassette, Single, Limited Edition, CDr, Single, Limited Edition, DVDr, Single, Limited Edition
No Image Balzac - Beware Of Darkness 2003 DVD
Balzac - Rise 2013 CDr, Single
Balzac - Legacy Of Atom Age Vampire 13 Live Tracks Special Sampler CD 2013 CDr, Compilation
Balzac - The Last Men On Earth 1998 CD, Album, Repress
Balzac - Complete Videos Of Blackout 2013 DVDr
Balzac - Into The Light Of The 13 Dark Night 1999 CD, Maxi-Single

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Tracklist: Swallow The Dark

No. Title Runtime
1 Swallow The Dark 4:30
Live At Shinsaibashi Club Quattro - 26th May 2007
2 The Human Blood 3:56
3 Sad Nos. 99 2:30
4 Black Sunday 2:41
5 The Slaughter House 3:33
Live At Nagoya Club Quattro - 27th May 2007
6 Unvarnished Facts 2:41
7 Shi-Wo Yubi Sasu 3:08
8 Blood Bath = Blood Mind 2:28
9 Break Fuckin' Yourself 3:03
Live At Shibuya Club Quattro - 10th Jun 2007
10 Yami-No Mukou-No Subete-Wo 4:05
11 A Day In The Darkness 5:27
12 Godless 3:37
13 I Can't Stand It Anymore 4:37