GPKism (typeset as GPKISM) is a gothic/industrial music group formed in 2007. It was originally the solo project of GPK (Gothique Prince Ken), while Kiwamu (of Blood) joined later that year. Both GPK and Kiwamu compose music for this project. They have been featured in several publications including Cure Magazine and they have toured Australia, Japan, the United States, Europe and Central America.



Sleeve Title Year Format
GPKISM - Illuminatum 2008 CD, Maxi-Single
GPKISM - Barathrum 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
GPKISM - Atheos 2009 CD, Album, Limited Edition
GPKISM - Atheos 2009 CD, Album, Repress, Limited Edition
GPKISM - Sanguis Rosa 2010 CD, Mini-Album
GPKISM - Iudicium 2009 CD, Maxi-Single
GPKISM - Sublimis 2008 CD, Mini-Album
GPKISM - Reliquia 2011 CD, Album
GPKISM - Atheos 2009 CD, Album, Limited Edition

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