Hey! Say! JUMP

Hey! Say! JUMP is a nine-member Japanese all-male band under the Japanese talent agency, Johnny's Entertainment. The name Hey! Say! refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period, and JUMP is an acronym for Johnny's Ultra Music Power. They are also known as HSJ or just JUMP. Like agency seniors, Hikaru Genji and V6, the group is split into two sub-groups: Hey! Say! BEST (Boys Excellent Select Team) and Hey! Say! 7 (not to be confused with the temporary group with the same name), which consists of the five oldest members (BEST) and four youngest members (7) respectively. The average age of the group at the debut was 15.7, with the youngest member being 13 and the oldest 17. Also, with having Keito Okamoto as a member of the group (who is the son of Otokogumi's Kenichi Okamoto), with this group there is the first parent-child pair in Johnny & Associates. They have sold over 2,386,402 copies in Japan alone. The group debuted in 2007 with ten members, becoming the largest group in Johnny's history!

In 2011, Ryutaro Morimoto was indefinitely suspended from the group following an underage smoking scandal. This caused the band to go from ten members to nine.


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