Masaaki Endoh

Masaaki Endoh (遠藤正明, Endō Masaaki, born August 28, 1967) is a Japanese singer/songwriter who is prominent in the area of soundtracks for anime and tokusatsu productions. He is one of the founders of the anison supergroup JAM Project and has been a regular member ever since its inception in 2000. His nickname is the "Young Lion of Anison" and he goes by the motto "Always Full Voice".

Endoh took the industry by storm when he released the two Enson albums and the subsequent third, in which he covered many famous anime theme songs. Due to their success, Endoh went on to sing signature songs with the respective artists, such as Sousei no Aquarion with Akino, Butter-Fly with Kōji Wada, Eternal Blaze with Nana Mizuki, Pegasus Fantasy with NoB, Kimi Taiyou ga Shinda Hi with Maon Kurosaki, SERIOUS-AGE with Faylan, and KINGS with Angela.


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