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Kanji Details

  • Strokes: 6
  • IDC:
  • Frequency: 359


  • On'yomi: ジ(呉)、シ(漢)
  • Kun'yomi: あざ、あざな、はぐく(む)
  • Nanori: さね、な
  • English: character; letter; word; section of village

Radical: ( こ・こへん ), child, seed

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Example sentences using 字 ( 58 found )

Hit up on the D-pad, and the background music will change as the background itself becomes the Demon King's castle....
In many languages the way dictionary-form words end is fixed; in Japanese they end in a 'u row' character.
In the English language many words contain letters which are not pronounced.

Other usages of 字

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