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Kanji Details

  • Strokes: 13
  • IDC:
  • Frequency: 74


  • On'yomi: シン(呉)
  • Kun'yomi: あたら(しい)、あら(た)、あら、にい、さら
  • Nanori: あきら、あら、あらた、すすむ、ちか、にい、はじめ、よし、わか
  • English: new

Radical: ( おの・おのづくり・きん ), axe

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Example sentences using 新 ( 274 found )

The new model will be priced at $12,000.
Food and drink were served in such profusion at the wedding that the bride and groom began to wonder if they should have invited more guests.
If your licence exceeds its validity period then you can be issued with a new licence in the following way.

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