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Kanji Details

  • Strokes: 8
  • IDC:
  • Frequency: 34


  • On'yomi: ジョウ(呉)、チョウ(呉)
  • Kun'yomi: なが(い)、おさ、た(ける)
  • Nanori: いえ、おさ、すすむ、たけ、たけし、たつ、つかさ、つね、なが、ながし、のぶ、ひさ、ひさし、まさ、まさる、ます、みち
  • English: long; leader; chief

Radical: ( ながい ), long, grow

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Example sentences using 長 ( 212 found )

We've got taller so they don't fit. Right, it's certainly not that we've got fat! The useful phrase 'grown up' is our trump card.
The greater the genius, the longer it takes the world to find it out and understand it.
Beside the mayor, many other distinguished guests were present.

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