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Kanji Details

  • Strokes: 12
  • IDC:
  • Frequency: 63


  • On'yomi: ドウ(呉)、トウ(漢)
  • Kun'yomi: みち、い(う)
  • Nanori: おさむ、おさめ、じ、ただし、ち、つな、つね、なおし、ね、のり、まさ、みち、ゆき、より、わたる
  • English: road-way; street; district; journey; course; moral; teachings; way; road

Radical: ( しんにょう・しんにゅう ), walk

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Example sentences using 道 ( 177 found )

Houses were lined up alongside the highway.
The road was obstructed by fallen trees.
The road is icy, so take care.

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