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Kanji Details

  • Strokes: 5
  • IDC:
  • Frequency: 84


  • On'yomi: ガイ(漢)、ゲ(呉)、ウイ(唐)
  • Kun'yomi: そと、ほか、はず(す)、はず(れる)、と
  • Nanori: そと、と、との、ひろ、ほか
  • English: outside

Radical: ( ゆう・ゆうべ・た ), evening, sunset

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Example sentences using 外 ( 177 found )

However, the guarantee is not effective at all outside the fixed form.
The town was flooded with strange foreign words.
I heard someone shout outside the window.

Other usages of 外

51 Legal Terms
12 Proverbs
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