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This page shows the top performing Japangers. The score represents the number of correct responses versus incorrect responses users have made to the various quizzes on Japanga.com. What is your Japanga Ranking?

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You accumulate points by taking part in the various Kanji and Kana quizzes available on japanga.com. But be careful, although you can grow your ranking with correct answers, you will also lose points for submitting wrong answers!

Japanga Leaderboard - Top 10 Japangers
Rank Username JR Score
1 Japangaman 1019
2 Emma 437
3 GeovanaAlves 223
4 bandwagon 208
5 craztech911 185
6 omotenashi 173
7 Rachel 160
8 gentleman 150
9 Martina 105
10 Inna 83