Aliene Ma'riage

Aliene Ma'riage was a Japanese visual kei rock band, formed by Kyoka, Mast and Ray in 1998 and disbanded in 2001. The group released three albums, along with several singles and videos. The band's sound was described as "a fusion of gothic elements and hard edge sound."



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Tracklist: Les Soirée 夜の舞踏会/断罪の章~神罰篇

No. Title Runtime
1 神罰篇~神々の審判
2 夜の舞踏会~ル・ソワレ
3 罪と罰 (棄てられた記憶)
4 禁・ジラレタ思考回路
5 精神隔離症の『』と霧遊症の『』
6 僕『しもべ』
7 『嘘』~呪ワレタオルゴールノ中デ~
8 古の物語~エンドレス
9 Suicide~洗礼の章