Atsushi Sakurai

Atsushi Sakurai (櫻井 敦司, Sakurai Atsushi, born March 7, 1966 in Fujioka, Gunma) is a Japanese musician and singer-songwriter. He has been the vocalist of the rock band Buck-Tick since 1985, previously being their drummer from 1983. He released the solo album Ai no Wakusei in 2004 and was also a member of Schwein alongside Hisashi Imai (Buck-Tick), Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM) and Raymond Watts. In 2015, he formed a solo project called The Mortal.



Sleeve Title Year Format
櫻井敦司* - 愛の惑星 2004 CD, Album
櫻井敦司* - 胎児 / Smell 2004 CD, Single
櫻井敦司* - 惑星 Rebirth 2005 CD, Single
櫻井敦司* - Explosion 2004 CD, Single, Limited Edition, Promo
櫻井敦司* - 愛の惑星 2004 CD, Album
櫻井敦司* - 愛の惑星 -Collector's Box- 2015 CD, Album, Remastered, Blu-ray, Box Set
櫻井敦司* - Sacrifice 2004 CD, Single
櫻井敦司* - Explosion - Ai No Wakusei Live 2004 2004 DVD, NTSC

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Tracklist: 愛の惑星 -Collector's Box-

No. Title Runtime
愛の惑星 -Original Album-
CD1-1 Sacrifice (Last Confused Mix)
CD1-2 Yellow Pig
CD1-3 X-Lover
CD1-4 I Hate You All
CD1-5 Wonderful World (Injection To UK Mix)
CD1-6 Smell
CD1-7 Märchen
CD1-8 Fantasy
CD1-9 胎児
CD1-10 ハレルヤ!
CD1-11 新月
CD1-12 予感 (2004 Re-Construct)
CD1-13 惑星
愛の惑星 -Single & Works-
CD2-1 Sacrifice
CD2-2 Love (抱きしめたい)
CD2-3 Wonderful World (Injection To NY Mix)
CD2-4 Smell
CD2-5 胎児 (Embryo's Theatre Version)
CD2-6 Fantasy (Cubic Orange Mix)
CD2-7 雨音はショパンの調べ -I Like Chopin-
CD2-8 惑星 Rebirth
CD2-9 転生
CD2-10 愛の賛歌
CD2-11 惑星 Live At NHK Hall 21st July, 2004
CD2-12 惑星 Rebirth (Last Supper Mix)
CD2-13 Explosion
CD2-14 雨音はショパンの調べ -I Like Chopin- (MIX密愛)
CD2-15 予感 (1992 Original Ver.)
愛の惑星 -Live At NHK Hall 21st July, 2004-
CD3-1 Opening SE -Vertigo-
CD3-2 X-Lover
CD3-3 Wonderful World
CD3-4 Yellow Pig
CD3-5 I Hate You All
CD3-6 ハレルヤ!
CD3-7 予感
CD3-8 Fantasy
CD3-9 Smell
CD3-10 Märchen
CD3-11 新月
CD3-12 胎児
CD3-14 Explosion
CD3-15 Sacrifice
CD3-16 Space Oddity
-Explosion- 愛の惑星 Live 2004
BD-1 X-Lover
BD-2 Wonderful World
BD-3 Yellow Pig
BD-4 I Hate You All
BD-5 ハレルヤ!
BD-6 予感
BD-7 Fantasy
BD-8 Smell
BD-9 Märchen
BD-10 新月
BD-11 胎児
BD-13 Explosion
BD-14 惑星
BD-15 雨音はショパンの調べ -I Like Chopin-
BD-16 Love (抱きしめたい)
BD-17 Sacrifice
BD-18 Space Oddity
-Bonus Video Clip-
BD-19 Sacrifice
BD-20 胎児
BD-21 惑星