Bennie K

Bennie K (often stylized as BENNIE K) is an Urban Contemporary female duo formed in 1999 that consists of vocalist Yuki and rapper Cico. They met while Yuki was in Los Angeles undergoing voice training with Roger Burnley. They made their debut in January 2001 with the single "Melody," released on the For Life Music label.

Bennie K's 8th single "Sunrise" reached the top 10 of the Oricon singles chart in 2004, and their 9th single "Dreamland" reached #2 in 2005. Their 4th album "Japana-rhythm" debuted at #1 on the Oricon albums chart.

Bennie K's songs usually combine Japanese and English. Their sound is primarily urban, but they often use a variety of diverse musical styles, including Latin and country.




Sleeve Title Year Format
Bennie K - The “Bestest” Bennie K Show 2008 CD, Album
Bennie K - モノクローム 2008 CD, Single
Bennie K - Japana-rhythm 2005 CD, Album
Bennie K - Essence 2003 CD, Album
Bennie K - The “Bestest” Bennie K Show 2008 CD, DVD, Compilation
Bennie K - サンライズ 2004 CD, Single, DVD, Single
Bennie K - Joy Trip 2006 CD, Single
Bennie K - Sky 2005 CD, Single
Bennie K - 1001Nights 2007 CD, Maxi-Single
Bennie K - The World 2007 CD, Album
Bennie K - Dreamland 2005 CD, Single
Bennie K - Sky 2005 CD, Single, DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, All Media, Limited Edition
Bennie K - ザ・ベニーケー・ショウ~on the floor編~ 2006 CD, Maxi-Single
Bennie K - Cube 2002 CD, Album
Bennie K - Synchronicity 2004 CD, Album
Bennie K - Best of the Bestest 2008 CD, Compilation, Stereo
Bennie K - School Girl 2001 CD, Single, Stereo
Seamo With Bennie K - A Love Story 2005 CD, Maxi-Single

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Tracklist: The “Bestest” Bennie K Show

No. Title Runtime
1 Hi-Explosion / With DJ Hi-Kick
2 Pink Noise Babies / With A.mia (Little Hippies)
3 A Love Story / With Seamo
4 Happy Drive ~Taste Your Stuff~ / With M-flo
5 S!ck / With 大神:Ohga
6 Music Traveler / With Soffet
7 Better Days
8 Endless Summer / With Blaise Plant (Monkey Majik)
9 Doggy Love / With Gipper (Nora)
10 天狗 Vs 弁慶
11 Music
12 Lost Paradise Feat. Tsuyoshi
13 Product Of Misery / with Yukie
14 Unity ~Episode 1~ / With Unity A.a.s.
15 Home / With 2backka
16 Disco先輩 / With アルファ
17 うちへ帰ろう ~先輩's Cheek Time~
18 オアシス ~Live From ""World Tour !? In Japan""~