Fire Bomber

Fire Bomber is a fictional rock band from the anime series Macross 7 (and related projects such as Macross 7 Trash, Macross 7 Encore, and Macross Dynamite 7). In real life, Fire Bomber's music was performed by Yoshiki Fukuyama (as the singing voice and guitar of Basara), Chie Kajiura (as the singing voice of Mylene), and occasionally by Tomo Sakurai (the acting voice of Mylene).

In the fictional world of Macross Fire Bomber were pivotal in the defeat of the alien Protodeviln after it was discovered that their music was the only thing capable of affecting them. Three of their songs were also featured in the 2008 series Macross Frontier, as SMS Skull Leader Ozma Lee is a fan of the band. In the second Macross Frontier movie, Ranka Lee and other members of SMS acted as cover band of Fire Bomber (titled "Lovely Bomber") as part of a diversion to free Sheryl Nome from prison.


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