The Rodeo Carburettor

The Rodeo Carburettor is a three-piece Japanese rock band that formed in 2001. The band is well known for their live performances that blows the audience away with crazy guitar riffs, howling distortion noises and speedy, sharp lyrics. The band hardly speaks on-stage (other than announcing the song name) which further amplifies their serious attitude towards their music.

Their use of distortion and noise have often led to comparisons to Guitar Wolf.

In 2005 the band performed in UK's International Music Convention, In The City at Manchester, along with fellow Japanese artists PE'Z and DMBQ. The band played an intense show and captured the attention of the UK Music Industry. This was followed with another show at London's famed "The Marquee Club" that featured Mika Bomb added to the former line-up.

Two of their albums are available through the iTunes Store United States and EU.

Their song "Speed of Flow" was used as an ending for the anime series Gintama.


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