Valshe (バルシェ, Barushe, born September 15), is a Japanese female singer, signed under the Being Inc. label. She is well known as a "Ryouseirui" (両声類?, lit. "both voice types"), being able to sing both male and female voice types.



Sleeve Title Year Format
Valshe - V.D. 2014 CD, Album, Limited Edition, DVD, Limited Edition
Valshe - Butterfly Core 2013 CD, Single

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Tracklist: V.D.

No. Title Runtime
CD-1 Overture
CD-2 Rage Identity
CD-3 Butterfly Core
CD-4 Afflict
CD-5 Astraea
CD-6 Human Dolls
CD-7 Mr. Diorama
CD-8 Blissfull Jail
CD-9 Blessing Card
CD-10 Leopardess
CD-11 Evaluation
CD-12 Prize Of Color
CD-13 Tigerish Eyez
CD-14 Fragment
CD-15 Sincerely
DVD-1 "Butterfly Core" Music Video