Yame, Fukuoka

Japanese Name: 八女市
Prefecture: Fukuoka
Population: 42,241
Area: 98.66:
Longitude 130.5579082
Latitude 33.2119674
Homepage: http://www.city.yame.fukuoka.jp/

Yame, Fukuoka

Yame (八女市, Yame-shi) is a city located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. The city was founded on April 1, 1954.

As of 2003, the city had an estimated population of 39,372 and a population density of 1,000.81 persons per km². The total area was 39.34 km².

On October 1, 2006 the town of Jōyō (from Yame District) was merged into Yame.

On February 1, 2010, the towns of Kurogi and Tachibana, and the villages of Hoshino and Yabe (all from Yame District) were merged into Yame.

After the merger, as of April 1, 2011, the city has an estimated population of 69,907, with 23,885 households and a population density of 144.88 persons per km². The total area is 482.53 km², which is second largest area within Fukuoka Prefecture.

Yamecha is produced in Yame and surrounding areas, and is a tea known throughout Japan.

Yame natives include former livedoor CEO Takafumi Horie.