BBQ Chickens

BBQ Chickens (often stylized as BBQ CHICKENS) is a Japanese hardcore punk band, created in 2000 by former Hi-Standard member Ken Yokoyama. All four members have been "buddies since childhood", and convened to form the band when Ken announced the hiatus of Hi-Standard. Since their beginning, they have released three studio albums, and have enjoyed unexpected success in different forms. Their first album, Indie Rock Strikes Back, sold upwards of 85,000 copies and rocketed them onto the Japanese punk scene where they played several sold out shows. BBQ Chickens later won the award for "Best Alternative Video" during the 2002 Space Shower Music Video Awards for their video "Sick Guy/Stupid Magazine", and the year after with "Pizza of Death's Theme/Fat Boy". BBQ Chickens' third album, Fine Songs, Playing Sucks, was a cover album, and was noted by the idea that it was a "selection of most unusual songs to cover."


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Tracklist: Official Bootleg

No. Title Runtime
1 Red
2 Blue Blood In Your Heart
3 Raised Up In Hell
4 Pizza Of Death's Theme
5 New York
6 Fat Boy
7 Nippon
8 Maya
9 Too Much Information
10 God Blast You
11 Broken Bubbles
12 Pride Vs Pride
13 Dough Song
14 Xie Xie
15 Shibuya PM5,Tonight
16 Shu Ha Ri
17 I.S.O's Theme
18 I.S.O's Theme
19 I.S.O's Theme
20 I.S.O's Theme
21 I.S.O's Theme
22 Here Comes The Time To Dance
23 Revenge
24 Sick Guy
25 Muscle,Muscle
26 Hungry
27 Love,Love,Love
28 Sex
29 Good Night
30 Hungry
31 Love,Love,Love
32 Sex
33 Good Night
34 More Beer
35 Keep It Real
36 Big Mac
37 Let's Fuckin'Go