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Jōyō Primary School Grade 3

Kanji Kana (kunyomi) English
わる(い)、わる、あ(し)、にく(い)、ああ、いずくに、いずくんぞ、にく(む)、いずく(んぞ) bad; vice; rascal; false; evil; wrong
やす(い)、やす(まる)、やす、やす(らか)、やす(んじる)、いずく(んぞ) relax; cheap; low; quiet; rested; contented; peaceful; inexpensive
くら(い)、くら(む)、くれ(る)、やみ、そら(んじる) darkness; disappear; shade; informal; grow dark; be blinded; dark
ゆだ(ねる)、まか(せる)、くわ(しい)、お(く)、す(てる) committee; entrust to; leave to; devote; discard; commit
こころ、おも(う) idea; mind; heart; taste; thought; desire; care; liking; meaning
い(やす)、い(する)、くすし doctor; medicine; -ology
そだ(つ)、そだ(ち)、そだ(てる)、はぐく(む) bring up; grow up; raise; rear; nurture
かず employee; member; number; the one in charge
の(む) drink; smoke; take
かき、かこい Inst.; institution; temple; mansion; school
はこ(ぶ)、さだめ、めぐ(る) carry; luck; destiny; fate; lot; transport; progress; advance; move; fortune
およ(ぐ) swim
うまや station
なか(ば) center; middle
よこ、よこ(たわる)、あふ(れる) sideways; side; horizontal; width; woof; unreasonable; perverse
や、やね、いえ roof; house; shop; dealer; seller; small shop
あたた(か)、あたた(かい)、あたた(まる)、あたた(める)、ぬく、ぬく(い)、ぬく(まる)、ぬく(める)、ぬる(い)、たず(ねる)、つつ(む) warm
ば(ける)、ば(かす)、ふ(ける)、け(する)、か(わる)、か(える) change; take the form of; influence; enchant; delude; -ization; change into
に、になう、はす baggage; shoulder-pole load; bear (a burden); shoulder (a gun); load; cargo; freight; luggage
さかい world; bounds
ひら(く)、ひら(き)、ひら(ける)、あ(く)、あ(ける)、はだか(る)、はだ(ける) open; unfold; unseal
きざはし、はしご、しな storey; stair; counter for storeys of a building; floor; rank
さむ(い)、いや(しい)、まず(しい)、さび(しい) cold
emotion; feeling; sensation; sense; feel
おとこ、から Sino-; China; sino; Chinese; fellow
やかた、たて、たち building; mansion; large building; palace; public building
きし、かどだ(つ) beach; shore
とき、ちぎ(る)、き(める) period; time; date; term; expect; period of time
お(きる)、お(こる)、お(こす)、おこ(す)、た(つ) rouse; wake up; get up; rise
まろうど、たび guest; visitor; customer; client
みや、いえ Shinto shrine; constellations; palace; princess; royal palace
いそ(ぐ)、いそ(ぎ)、せ(く)、せ(かす) hurry; emergency; sudden; steep; urgent
たま ball; sphere
きわ(める)、きわ(まる) research; study; study exhaustively
しな、くび class; rank; grade
さ(る)、ゆ(く)、のぞ(く) gone; past; quit; leave; elapse; eliminate; divorce; go away
はし bridge
わざ business; vocation; arts; performance; profession; work; industry
つぼね bureau; board; office; affair; conclusion; court lady; lady-in-waiting; her apartment; limited part
ま(がる)、ま(げる)、くま、まが、かね、くせ bend; music; melody; composition; pleasure; injustice; fault; curve; crooked; perverse; lean; musical composition
しろがね silver
ward; district; (kokuji)
くる(しい)、くる(しむ)、くる(しめる)、にが(い)、にが(る)、にがな、はなは(だ) suffering; trial; worry; hardship; feel bitter; scowl; bitter; suffer
そな(える)、つぶさ(に)、そな(わる)、そろ(い)、つま tool; utensil; means; possess; ingredients; counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture; implement
きみ old boy; name-suffix; ruler; familiar title; you
かか(る)、かかり、かか(わる)、つな(ぐ) person in charge; connection; duty; concern oneself; connect
かる(い)、かろ(やか)、かろ(んじる) lightly; trifling; unimportant; light
き(める)、き(まる)、さ(く)、さ(ける) decide; fix; agree upon; appoint
と(ぐ)、みが(く) polish; study of; sharpen; grind; research
か(ける)、あがた prefecture
くら warehouse; storehouse; storage chamber
みずうみ lake
む(く)、む(い)、む(ける)、む(かう)、む(かい)、む(こう)、むこ、むか(い)、さき(に) yonder; facing; beyond; confront; defy; tend toward; approach; turn toward; over there
さいわ(い)、さち、しあわ(せ)、みゆき happiness; blessing; fortune; good fortune
みなと harbor; port
さけ(ぶ)、よびな nickname; number; item; title; pseudonym; name; call; designation; sign
root; radical; head (pimple)
まつ(る)、まつ(り)、まつり ritual; offer prayers; celebrate; deify; enshrine; worship; festival
さか slope; incline; hill
さら dish; a helping; plate
つか(える)、つかまつ(る) attend; doing; official; serve; do
使 つか(う)、つか(い)、つか(わす) use; envoy; send on a mission; order; messenger; ambassador; cause
はじ(める)、はじ(まる) commence; begin
ゆび、さ(す) finger; point to; indicate; put into; play (chess); measure (ruler); point
し(ぬ)、し(に) death; die
うた poem; poetry
よわい、は、よわ(い)、よわい(する) tooth; cog
こと、つか(う)、つか(える) matter; thing; fact; business; reason; possibly; affair; abstract thing
も(つ)、も(てる) hold; have
つ(ぐ)、つぎ、やど(る)、つい(ず) next; order; sequence
のり、きまり、のっと(る)、ああ style; ceremony; rite; function; method; system; form; expression
み、みの(る)、まこと、まことに、みの、みち(る)、さね、まめ、み(ちる) reality; truth; real
うつ(す)、うつ(る)、うつ、うつ(し) copy; be photographed; describe
もの someone; person
ぬし、おも、あるじ、つかさど(る) lord; chief; master; main thing; principal; main
と(る)、と(り)、とり take; fetch; take up
まも(る)、まも(り)、もり、かみ、も(り) guard; protect; defend; obey
さけ、さか sake; alcohol; alcoholic drink
う(ける)、う(かる) accept; undergo; answer (phone); take; get; catch; receive
す、くに、しま state; province
ひろ(う)、とお pick up; gather; find; go on foot; ten
お(わる)、おわ(る)、お(える)、つい、つい(に)、しま(う) end; finish
なら(う)、なら(い) learn; custom
あつ(まる)、あつ(める)、つど(う)、すだ(く)、たか(る) gather; meet; congregate; swarm; flock; collect
す(む)、す(まう)、とど(まる) dwell; reside; live; inhabit; dwelling
え、おも(い)、おも(り)、おも(なう)、かさ(ねる)、かさ(なる)、おも、おも(んじる) heavy; heap up; pile up; nest of boxes; -fold; duplicate
宿 やど、やど(る)、やど(す) inn; lodging; relay station; dwell; lodge; be pregnant; home; dwelling
ところ、どころ、とこ place; particle of nominalization
あつ(い) sultry; hot; summer heat
たす(ける)、たす(かる)、す(ける)、すけ help; rescue; assist
か(つ)、が(ち)、まさ(る)、すぐ(れる)、かつ、た(える) victory; win; prevail; excel
あきな(う)、はか(る) make a deal; selling; dealing in; merchant; trade; sell
あき(らか) shining; bright; luminous
き(える)、け(す) extinguish; blow out; turn off; neutralize; cancel; spend
あや、しるし、ふみ badge; chapter; composition; poem; design
の(る)、の(せる) ride; power; multiplication; record; counter for vehicles; board; mount; join; get on
う(える)、う(わる)、た(てる) plant
ふか(い)、ふか(まる)、ふか(める)、み、ふ(ける) deep; heighten; intensify; strengthen
もう(す)、もう(し)、さる、かさ(ねる) have the honor to; sign of the monkey; 3-5PM; ninth sign of Chinese zodiac; speaketh; report; speak humbly; say
ま、まこと true; reality; Buddhist sect
かみ、かん、こう、たましい gods; mind; soul
somebody; person; one's station in life; body; one's person
すす(む)、すす(める) advance; proceed; progress; promote
よ、さんじゅう generation; world; society; public; age
ととの(える)、ととの(う) organize; arranging; tune; tone; meter; key (music); organise; put in order
むかし once upon a time; antiquity; old times; former times; long ago
おも(う) concept; think; idea; thought; conceive
あい、ありさま、うらな(う)、たす(ける)、さが inter-; mutual; together; each other; minister of state; councillor; aspect; phase; physiognomy; minister
おく(る) escort; send; send off
いき、やす(む) breath; respiration; son; interest (on money)
はや(い)、はや、はや(める)、はや(まる)、すみ(やか) quick; fast
やから tribe; family
ほか other; another; the others
う(つ)、う(ち)、ぶ(つ)、ダース strike; hit; knock; pound; dozen
あいて、こた(える)、そろ(い)、つれあ(い)、なら(ぶ)、むか(う)、む(かう) vis-a-vis; opposite; even; equal; versus; anti-; compare; oppose
ま(つ)、もてな(す) wait; depend on
か(わる)、かわ(る)、かわ(り)、か(える)、よ、しろ substitute; change; convert; replace; period; age; counter for decades of ages, eras, etc.; generation; charge; rate; fee
やしき、つい(で) No.; residence; no.; ordinal number prefix
topic; subject; title; problem
すみ charcoal; coal
みじか(い) short; brevity; fault; defect; weak point
かた(る) discuss; talk
はしら pillar; post; cylinder; support
そそ(ぐ)、さ(す)、つ(ぐ) pour; irrigate; shed (tears); flow into; concentrate on; notes; comment; annotate; concentrate
ひのと、わかもの、あ(たる) street; ward; town; counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something; even number; 4th calendar sign; town subsection; miscellaneous counter
とばり notebook; account book; album; curtain; veil; net; tent
調 しら(べる)、しら(べ)、ととの(う)、ととの(える)、みつぎ、やわら(ぐ)、あざけ(る) tune; tone; meter; key (music); writing style; prepare; exorcise; investigate
お(う) chase; drive away; follow; pursue; meanwhile
さだ(める)、さだ(まる)、さだ(か)、き(まる) determine; fix; establish; decide
にわ courtyard; garden; yard; court
ふえ flute; clarinet; pipe; whistle; bagpipe; piccolo
くろがね、かね iron
ころ(がる)、ころ(げる)、ころ(がす)、ころ(ぶ)、まろ(ぶ)、うたた、うつ(る)、くる(めく)、うた(た)、くるり、こ(ける) revolve; turn around; change; turn
のぼ(る)、あ(がる) ascend; climb up; climb
みやこ、すべ(て) metropolis; capital; metropolis of Tokyo
たび、た(い)、めもり、のり、はか(る)、わた(る) degrees; occurrence; time; counter for occurrences
しま island
な(げる) throw; discard; abandon; launch into; join; invest in; hurl; give up; sell at a loss; send in
hot water; bath; hot spring
ひと(しい)、など、ら etc.; and so forth; class (first); quality; equal; similar; class
まめ、たかつき beans; pea; midget
うご(く)、うご(かす)、やや(もすれば) move; motion; change; confusion; shift; shake
わらべ、は(げる)、わらわ juvenile; child
たがや(す) agriculture; farmers; farming
なみ waves; billows; Poland
くば(る)、つれあい、なら(ぶ)、なが(す) distribute; spouse; exile; rationing
そむ(く)、ま(す) double; twice; times; fold
はこ box; chest; case; bin; railway car
はた、はたけ farm; field; garden; one's specialty; (kokuji)
た(つ)、あば(く)、おこ(る)、つか(わす)、はな(つ)、ひら(く) discharge; departure; publish; emit; start from; disclose; counter for gunshots; start
そ(る)、そ(らす)、かえ(す)、かえ(る)、そむ(く) anti-; counter
いた plank; board; plate; stage
かな(しい)、かな(しむ) grieve; sad; deplore; regret
かわ pelt; skin; hide; leather; skin radical (no. 107)
はな、はじ(め) nose; snout
ふで writing brush; writing; painting brush; handwriting; brush
こおり、ひ、こお(る) icicle; ice; hail; freeze; congeal
おもて、あらわ(す)、あらわ(れる)、あら(わす)、しるし surface; table; chart; diagram; express
や(む)、やまい ill; sick; illness
のぎ second (1/60 minute); second (part of time)
しな goods; refinement; dignity; article; counter for meal courses
ま(ける)、ま(かす)、お(う)、たの(む)、そむ(く) defeat; negative; minus; bear; owe; assume a responsibility; lose
べ、つかさ、くみ、わ(ける)、す(べる) section; bureau; dept; class; copy; part; portion; counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
きもの、き(る)、の(む)、したが(う) clothing; admit; obey; discharge; clothes; submit
さいわ(い) blessing; fortune; luck; wealth
もの thing; object; matter
たい(ら)、ひら even; flat; peace; calm
かえ(す)、かえ(る) return; answer; fade; repay
つと(める) exertion; endeavor; encourage; strive; make effort; diligent
はな(す)、はな(つ)、はな(れる)、こ(く)、ほう(る)、ほしいまま、まか(す)、ゆる(す)、ひ(る)、さ(く) set free; release; fire; shoot; emit; banish; liberate; let go
あじ、あじ(わう) flavor; taste
いのち、みこと、おお(せ) fate; command; decree; destiny; life; appoint; order
おも、おもて、つら、も mask; face; features; surface
と(う)、と(い)、とん、たず(ねる)、おとず(れる)、たよ(り) question; ask; problem
つと(め)、いくさ duty; war; campaign; drafted labor; office; service; role
くすり medicine; chemical; enamel; gunpowder; benefit; drug
あぶら oil; fat
あ(る)、も(つ) possess; have; exist; happen; occur; approx
よし、よ(る)、なお wherefore; a reason; reason
あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)、すさ(び)、すさ(ぶ) play
あらかじ(め)、かね(て)、ゆる(す) beforehand; previous; myself; I; in advance
さま、さん Esq.; way; manner; situation; polite suffix; mode; formal title
うみ、なだ、ひろ(い) ocean; western style; western
ひつじ sheep
は、かみ、すえ leaf; plane; lobe; needle; blade; spear; counter for flat things; fragment; piece
ひ、ひなた、いつわ(る) sunshine; yang principle; positive; male; heaven; daytime; sun
お(ちる)、お(ち)、お(とす)、さと fall; drop; come down; village; hamlet
なが(れる)、なが(れ)、なが(す) current; a sink; flow; forfeit; style; stream
たび、いくさ trip; travel
てる、ふたつ、ふた(つ) both; old Japanese coin; counter for carriages (e.g., in a train); two
みどり green
のり、うやま(う) salute; bow; ceremony; thanks; remuneration; salutation; etiquette; rite
つら(なる)、つら(ねる)、なら(べる) file; row; rank; tier; column
ね(る)、ね(り)、ねりぎぬ practice; gloss; train; drill; polish; refine
やわ(らぐ)、やわ(らげる)、なご(む)、なご(やか)、あ(える)、な(ぐ) harmony; Japanese style; peace; soften; Japan; harmonious

The jōyō kanji (常用漢字?, literally "regular-use Chinese characters") the guide to kanji characters and their readings, announced officially by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Current jōyō kanji are those on a list of 2,136 characters issued in 2010. It is a slightly modified version of the tōyō kanji, which was the initial list of secondary school-level kanji standardized after World War II. The list is not a comprehensive list of all characters and readings in regular use; rather, it is intended as a literacy baseline for those who have completed compulsory education, as well as a list of permitted characters and readings for use in official government documents. Due to the requirement that official government documents make use of only jōyō kanji and their readings, several rare characters are also included by dint of being a part of the Constitution of Japan, which was being written at the same time the original 1850-character tōyō kanji list was compiled.

The 2,136 kanji in the jōyō kanji consist of:

  • 1,006 kanji taught in primary school (the kyōiku kanji)
  • 1,130 additional kanji taught in secondary school