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Jōyō Primary School Grade 6

Kanji Kana (kunyomi) English
こと、こと(なる)、け、あや(しい) uncommon; queerness; strangeness; wonderful; curious; unusual; different
stomach; paunch; crop; craw
のこ(す)、のこ(る)、わす(れる)、す(てる) bequeath; leave behind; reserve
さかい、ところ range; region; limits; stage; level; bounded area
のき、いえ eaves; roof; house; heaven; universe
うつ(る)、うつ(す)、は(える)、は(やす) reflect; reflection; projection; project
の(びる)、の(べる)、の(べ)、の(ばす)、ひ(く)、は(え) prolong; stretching; extend; postpone
沿 そ(う)、ふち run alongside; follow along; run along; lie along; along
めぐ(み) grace; kindness; goodness; favor; mercy; blessing; benefit; debt of gratitude
われ、わ、わ(が)、わが ego; I; selfish; our; oneself; self
はい ashes; puckery juice; cremate; ash
ひろ(がる)、ひろ(げる)、ひろ(める) broaden; extend; expand; enlarge
たかどの、たな tower; tall building; palace; tall magnificent building; cabinet; tall
かわ、あらた(める)、あらた(まる) leather; become serious; skin; hide; pelt; reform
わ(る)、わり、わ(り)、わ(れる)、さ(く)、は(やす) proportion; comparatively; divide; cut; separate; split
かぶ stocks; stump; shares; stock; counter for small plants
ま(く)、まき、ま(き) scroll; volume; book; part; roll up; wind up; tie; coil; counter for texts (or book scrolls)
ほ(す)、ほ(し)、ひ(る)、たて、おか(す)、もと(める)、かか(わる) dry; parch
み(る) watch over; see; care for
つづま(しい)、えら(ぶ)、ふだ simplicity; brevity; simple
あぶ(ない)、あや(うい)、あや(ぶむ)、ただ(す)、たか(い)、あや(める) dangerous; fear; uneasy
ふる(う) brandish; wave; wag; swing; shake; wield
つくえ desk; table
たっと(い)、とうと(い)、たっと(ぶ)、とうと(ぶ)、たか(い) precious; value; prize; esteem; honor; noble; your honorable
うたが(う)、うたが(わしい)、うたぐ(る) doubt; distrust; be suspicious; question
す(う) suck; imbibe; inhale; sip; breathe in
そな(える)、とも submit; offer; present; serve (meal); accompany
むね、むな、こころ bosom; breast; chest; heart; feelings
さと home town; village; native place; district; hometown
すじ muscle; sinew; tendon; fiber; plot; plan; descent; threadlike structure
うやま(う)、つつし(む) awe; respect; honor; revere
つな(ぐ)、すじ lineage; system
いまし(める) admonish; commandment; guard against; warn
はげ(しい) drama; play
はげ(しい)、はげ(ます) violent; get excited; enraged; chafe; incite
あな hole; aperture; slit; cave; den
わりふ、てがた ticket; certificate
のり、のっと(る) constitution; law
おもり、かり、はか(る)、いきお(い) authority; power; rights
きぬ silk
おごそ(か)、きび(しい)、いか(めしい)、いつくし、いかめ(しい)、いか(つい) stern; strictness; severity; rigidity; severe; strict
みなもと source; origin
よ(ぶ) call; call out to; invite
おのれ、つちのと、な self; snake; serpent; oneself
あやま(る)、まど(わす) mistake; err; do wrong; mislead
きさき、のち、きみ empress; queen; after; behind; back; later
filial piety; child's respect
すめらぎ、きみ emperor
べに、くれない、あか(い)、もみ crimson; deep red
はがね steel
お(りる)、お(ろす)、ふ(る)、ふ(り)、くだ(る)、くだ(す) descend; precipitate; fall; surrender
きざ(む)、きざ(み)、とき engrave; cut fine; chop; hash; mince; time; carving; point of time
cereals; grain; cereal
ほね skeleton; bone; remains; frame
こま(る)、くる(しむ) quandary; become distressed; annoyed; be in trouble
すな、いさご sand
すわ(る)、いま(す) squat; seat; cushion; gathering; sit
す(む)、す(まない)、す(ます)、すく(う)、な(す)、わたし、わた(る)、わた(す) finish; come to an end; excusable; need not; settle; relieve
むち、つえ、ふだ、はかりごと scheme; plan; policy; step; means; measure
ふみ、た(てる) tome; counter for books; volume
かいこ、こ silkworm
姿 すがた figure; form; shape
わたくし、わたし、ひそ(か) private; I; me
いた(る) climax; arrive; proceed; reach; attain; result in; come to
み(る) inspection; regard as; see; look at; regard
ことば part of speech; words; poetry
しる(す) document; records; magazine
やきもの magnet; porcelain; magnetism
い(る)、さ(す)、う(つ)、あ(てる) shoot; shine into; onto; archery
す(てる)、ほどこ(す) discard; throw away; abandon; resign; reject; sacrifice
ものさし、さし、わず(か) shaku; Japanese foot; measure; scale; rule
わか(い)、わか、も(しくわ)、も(し)、も(しくは)、ごと(し)、なんじ、し(く) young; if; perhaps; possibly; low number; immature
き、う(える)、た(てる) timber trees; wood; timber-trees; standing tree; trees
おさ(める)、おさ(まる) income; obtain; reap; pay; supply; store; take in
むね religion; sect; denomination; main point; origin; essence; religious sect
つ(く)、つ(ける)、な(る)、な(す) concerning; settle; take position; depart; study; per; set about
おお(い) masses; great numbers; multitude; populace
したが(う)、したが(える)、より accompany; obey; submit to; comply; follow; secondary; incidental; subordinate
たて、よし(んば)、ゆる(す)、ゆる(める)、はな(つ)、ほしいまま vertical; length; height; self-indulgent; wayward
ちぢ(む)、ちぢ(まる)、ちぢ(める)、ちぢ(れる)、ちぢ(らす) shrink; contract; shrivel; wrinkle; reduce
う(れる)、つくづく、つらつら、に(る)、に(える)、こな(す)、こな(れる)、う(む)、な(れる) mellow; ripen; mature; acquire skill
きいと genuine; purity; innocence; net (profit); pure
ところ、こ、お(る)、お(く) dispose; manage; deal with; sentence; condemn; act; behave; place
やくわり、しる(す) signature; govt office; police station; public-service station; government office
もろ、もろもろ various; many; several; together
のぞ(く)、よ(け)、はら(う)、つ(きる)、の(ける)、よ(ける) exclude; division (x/3); remove; abolish; cancel; except; rid of
きず、いた(む)、いた(める)、そこ(なう) wound; hurt; injure; impair; pain; injury; cut; gash; scar; weak point
まさ(に)、はた、まさ、ひきい(る)、もって、ひき(いる) leader; commander; general; admiral; or; and again; soon; from now on; just about; general officer
うけたまわ(る)、う(ける)、ささ(げる)、とど(める)、たす(ける)、こ(らす)、つい(で)、すく(う) acquiesce; hear; listen to; be informed; receive; agree to
さわ(る)、へだ(てる)、ふせ(ぐ) hinder; hurt; harm; hindrance
む(す)、む(れる)、む(らす)、ふ(かす)、ふ(ける)、おお(い) steam; heat; sultry; foment; get musty; evaporate
はり needle; pin; staple; stinger
humanity; virtue; benevolence; charity; man; kernel
た(れる)、た(らす)、た(れ)、なんなんと(す)、しだ(れる)、なんなん(とする)、しで droop; suspend; hang; slouch; hang down
お(す) conjecture; infer; guess; suppose; support; push (for)
き、わず(か) measurement; foot/10; a bit of
も(る)、さか(る)、さか(ん) boom; prosper; copulate; prosperous
ひじり holy; saint; sage; master; priest
まこと sincerity; admonish; warn; prohibit; truth; fidelity
した、ことば tongue; reed; clapper
のたま(う)、の(べる) proclaim; say; announce
もっぱ(ら)、ほしいまま specialty; exclusive; mainly; solely
いずみ spring; fountain
あら(う) wash; inquire into; probe
そ(める)、そ(まる)、し(みる)、し(み)、し(める) dye; color; paint; stain; print
ぜに、すき coin; .01 yen; money
よ(い)、い(い)、よ(く)、よし(とする) virtuous; good; goodness
つく(る)、はじ(める)、きず、けず(しける) genesis; wound; injury; hurt; start; originate; create
かな(でる)、すす(める) play music; speak to a ruler; complete
かさ(なる) stratum; social class; layer; story; floor
みさお、あやつ(る)、と(る) maneuver; manipulate; operate; steer; chastity; virginity; fidelity
まど、てんまど、けむだし window; pane
よそお(う)、よそお(い)、よそ(う) attire; dress; pretend; disguise; profess; fit out
はらわた entrails; viscera; bowels; internal organ
くら、おさ(める)、かく(れる) storehouse; hide; own; have; possess; store; warehouse
ながら(える)、たも(つ)、あ(る)、と(う) suppose; be aware of; believe; feel; exist
たっと(い)、とうと(い)、たっと(ぶ)、とうと(ぶ)、みこと revered; valuable; precious; noble; exalted; honor
退 しりぞ(く)、しりぞ(ける)、ひ(く)、の(く)、の(ける)、ど(く)、しさ(る)、すさ(る) retreat; withdraw; retire; resign; repel; expel; reject
やけ、いえ home; house; residence; our house; my husband; dwelling house
かつ(ぐ)、にな(う) shouldering; carry; raise; bear; bear on shoulder; undertake
さぐ(る)、さが(す) grope; search; look for; probe
ほしいまま、う(まれる)、いつわ(る) nativity; be born; declension; lie; be arbitrary
あたた(か)、あたた(かい)、あたた(まる)、あたた(める) warmth; warm
きざはし grade; steps; stairs
ね、あたい、あ(う) price; cost; value
そら mid-air; air; space; sky; memorization; interval of time
まごころ loyalty; fidelity; faithfulness
あらわ(す)、いちじる(しい)、つ(く)、き(る) renowned; publish; write; remarkable; phenomenal; put on; don; wear; arrival; finish (race); counter for suits of clothing; literary work; author; conspicuous
やくしょ、つかさ government office; government agency
しお、うしお tide; salt water; opportunity
はらわた、わた intestines; guts; bowels; viscera
いただ(く)、いただき place on the head; receive; top of head; top; summit; peak; receive humbly
やと(う) fare; fee; hire; rent; wages; charge; wage; charges
いた(い)、いた(む)、いた(ましい)、いた(める)、いた(わしい)、や(める) pain; hurt; damage; bruise
かたき、あだ、かな(う) enemy; foe; opponent
つら(ねる)、の(べる)、ひろ(げる) unfold; expand; display
なかま、むら party; faction; clique; political party
あめ sugar
う(つ)、たず(ねる) chastise; attack; defeat; destroy; conquer; study; suppress by armed force
とど(ける)、とど(く) deliver; reach; arrive; report; notify; forward
かた(い)、むずか(しい)、むづか(しい)、むつか(しい)、にく(い) difficult; impossible; trouble; accident; defect; disaster
ちち、ち milk; breasts
みと(める)、したた(める) acknowledge; witness; discern; recognize; appreciate; believe
おさ(める)、おさ(まる)、い(れる) settlement; obtain; reap; pay; supply; store; accept; put away
わ(かれる)、つか(わす) faction; group; party; clique; sect; school; dispatch
わざおぎ、たわむ(れ) haiku; actor
おが(む)、おろが(む) worship; adore; pray to; humbly
せ、せい、そむ(く)、そむ(ける)、うしろ stature; height; back; behind; disobey; defy; go back on; rebel
わ(ける)、かえ(す) squad; corps; unit; group
く(れ)、おそ(い) nightfall; night; evening
いな、いや、わる(い) negate; no; noes; refuse; decline; deny; say no; or not
う(つ)、ただ(す) criticism; strike; criticize
ひ(める)、ひそ(か)、かく(す) secret; conceal
たわら bag; bale; sack; counter for bags; straw sack
はら、なか、こころ、かんが(え) abdomen; belly; stomach
ふる(う) stirred up; be invigorated; flourish; rouse up
なみ、な(み)、なら(べる)、なら(ぶ)、なら(びに) row; and; besides; as well as; line up; rank with; rival; equal; line-up
と(じる)、と(ざす)、し(める)、し(まる)、た(てる) closed; shut
きざはし highness; steps (of throne); imperial palace steps
かた、ペンス、きれ、わず(か)、ひら one-sided; leaf; sheet; pence; right-side kata radical (no. 91); fragment; one of two
おぎな(う)、たす(ける)、さず(ける) supplement; supply; make good; offset; compensate; assistant; learner
く(れる)、く(らす) livelihood; make a living; spend time; dusk; live; evening; twilight; season's end
たから treasure; wealth; valuables; (kokuji)
おとず(れる)、たず(ねる)、と(う)、おとな(う) call on; visit; look up; offer sympathy
な(い)、な(き)、ほろ(びる)、ほろ(ぶ)、ほろ(ぼす)、に(げる)、うしな(う) deceased; the late; dying; perish
わす(れる) forget
rod; stick; cane; pole; club; line
ひら sheet of...; counter for flat thin objects or sheets; counter for flat things
とばり curtain; bunting; act of play; shogunate
ひそ(か)、ひそ(かに)、あつ(い)、こま(かい) secrecy; density (pop); minuteness; carefulness; close; secret
ちか(う) alliance; oath
かた、のっと(る) imitation; copy; mock; pattern
わけ、と(く) translate; reason; circumstance; case; sense; (kokuji)
やさ(しい)、すぐ(れる)、まさ(る)、わざおぎ、やわ(らぐ)、ゆた(か) tenderness; excel; surpass; actor; superiority; gentleness; superior
しゅくば mail; stagecoach stop
あず(ける)、あず(かる)、あらかじ(め) deposit; custody; leave with; entrust to
おさな(い)、いとけな(い) infancy; childhood; very young
ほっ(する)、ほ(しい)、ほ(しがる) longing; covetousness; greed; passion; desire; craving
the following; next
みだ(れる)、みだ(る)、みだ(す)、みだ、おさ(める)、わた(る)、みだ(りに) riot; war; disorder; disturb; disordered
たまご egg; ovum; spawn; roe
み(る) perusal; see; look over
うら、うち back; amidst; in; reverse; inside; palm; sole; rear; lining; wrong side
のり、のっと(る) rhythm; law; regulation; gauge; control
のぞ(む) look to; face; meet; confront; attend; call on; be present at
ほが(らか)、あき(らか)、たか(らか) melodious; clear; bright; serene; cheerful
あげつら(う)、と(く) argument; discourse; -ism; argue; theory

The jōyō kanji (常用漢字?, literally "regular-use Chinese characters") the guide to kanji characters and their readings, announced officially by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Current jōyō kanji are those on a list of 2,136 characters issued in 2010. It is a slightly modified version of the tōyō kanji, which was the initial list of secondary school-level kanji standardized after World War II. The list is not a comprehensive list of all characters and readings in regular use; rather, it is intended as a literacy baseline for those who have completed compulsory education, as well as a list of permitted characters and readings for use in official government documents. Due to the requirement that official government documents make use of only jōyō kanji and their readings, several rare characters are also included by dint of being a part of the Constitution of Japan, which was being written at the same time the original 1850-character tōyō kanji list was compiled.

The 2,136 kanji in the jōyō kanji consist of:

  • 1,006 kanji taught in primary school (the kyōiku kanji)
  • 1,130 additional kanji taught in secondary school